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The New People (ABC 1969-70)

"It is today, this time, this decade. But for a stranded group of young people on a remote island in the South Pacific, it is the Year One. Theirs, by a sudden thrust of circumstance, is a New World. Can they create a better one?"

The New People is a short-lived 1969 American television series on ABC that focused on a group of young college students who were returning from a trip in Southeast Asia when their plane crashed on an island in the south Pacific Ocean. The crash killed several of the college students, and all but one of the adults, who was badly injured and later died. The surviving students were the only human life remaining on the island. The island was unusual in that it had been built up as a site for a potential above-ground nuclear test which never took place, leaving all of the buildings and (improbably) supplies untouched and ready for use by the survivors.

The New People reflected the youth-oriented, counterculture of the 1960s. All people over 30 were now dead, and it was up to the young people to start a new society on the island. The pilot episode was written by Rod Serling (Serling wrote the screenplay for the episode under the pseudonym "John Phillips"). This program is an extremely rare example of a regularly scheduled network television series with 45-minute long episodes; it aired immediately after The Music Scene, another 45-minute program.

The concept of having all the adults killed off leaving only the young people to survive was not a new one, nor was this to be its last appearance. This concept was also used in William Golding's 1954 novel and subsequent film Lord of the Flies. In 2004 ABC premiered the hit Lost which also featured a group of plane crash survivors stranded on a strange island. In October 2005, NBC began broadcasting a Saturday morning series with a similar premise, Flight 29 Down. In 2007, CBS broadcast a reality show called Kid Nation in which 40 children, aged 8 to 15, are left alone in an abandoned mining town try to create a functioning society, including setting up a government system with minimal adult help and supervision.

Created by Larry Gordon, Aaron Spelling & Rod Serling. Directed by Corey Allen, Charles S. Dubin, Harry Harvey Jr., George McCowan & Nicholas Webster. Starring: Tiffany Bolling, Zooey Hall, Jill Jaress, David Moses, Dennis Olivieri & Peter Ratray. Country of origin: United States. Language(s): English. No. of seasons: 1. No. of episodes: 17. Executive producer(s): Aaron Spelling. Producer(s): Harold Gast. Running time: 45 min. Original channel: ABC. Original run: September 22, 1969 – January 12, 1970.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates: Pilot (9/22/1969), Panic in the Sand (9/29/1969), The Tin God (10/6/1969), Murderer! (10/13/1969), Comes the Revolution, We Use the Girls' Shower (10/20/1969), Lifeline (10/27/1969), Marriage-Bomano Style (11/3/1969), Is This Any Way to Run an Island? (11/10/1969), The Dark Side of the Island (11/17/1969), A Bride in Basic Black - Part 1: The Courtship (11/24/1969), A Bride in Basic Black - Part 2: The Surrender (12/1/1969), The Pied Piper of Pot (12/8/1969), Speed Kills (12/15/1969), The Guns of Bomano (12/22/1969), The Prisoner of Bomano (12/29/1969), The Siege of Fern's Castle (1/5/1970) & On the Horizon (1/12/1970).

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